Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hello and welcome to another wonderful year at Pebblebrook High School in Mr. Howard's class where we "BELIEVE YOU CAN". 

Below is the list and order of the topics we have covered in my class up to the present day. Students have completed unit 1 and been tested on its contents. We are currently on unit 2 and will begin graphing equations using the slope intercept for starting tomorrow September 9th. From this point forward, I will try to post all PowerPoint and class practice materials used to teach during class. If there is a need for some work that we have already covered please feel free to email me directly so we can make sure you receive whatever information you need. I am looking forward to working with all parents and students this year, lets make it a great one!! 

1.1 Interpreting Language in Mathematics Expressions
1.2 Combing Like Terms
1.3 Operations with Polynomials
1.4 Simplifying Radical
1.5 Simplifying Radicals with Variables
1.6 Radical Operations
1.7 Metric Conversions
1.8 Dimensional Analysis
1.9 More Dimensional Analysis
Unit 1 Review 
Unit 1 Test
2A.1 Solving Equations and Inequalities
2A.2 Solving Literal Equations
2A.3 More Solving Literal Equations
2A.4 Writing and Solving Linear Equations
2A.5 Writing and Solving Linear Inequalities

Unit 2A Quiz

2B.1 Properties of Equality
2B.2 Writing and Solving Linear Equations 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week of November 7th

Algebra I
Monday – Quadratic Formula Review
Tuesday – No School
Wednesday – Completing the Square
Thursday – CTLS Assessment
Friday – Solving Quadratics using all Methods Review

Foundations of Algebra
Monday – Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials Review
Tuesday – No School
Wednesday – Dimensional Analysis Review and Unit 1 Review
Thursday – Unit 1 Review
Friday – Unit 1 Assessment

Personal Leave due to death in the family week of Oct. 31st-Nov 3rd

Mrs. Christmas will be at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference from Monday, October 31st through Thursday, November 3rd.  Therefore, she is unable to tutor on Tuesday, November 1st.  She will return on Friday, November 4th.

Week of October 24

Algebra I 
Monday – Solving Quadratics Graphically and Algebraically
Tuesday – Solving Quadratics by Square Roots
Wednesday – Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square
Thursday – Review and CTLS Assessment
Friday – Quiz
Foundations of Algebra
Monday – Literal Equations
Tuesday – Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Wednesday – Multiplying Polynomials
Thursday – Review and CTLS Assessment
Friday – Quiz

Week of October 17th

Algebra I
Monday – Factoring Quadratics with a not equal to 1
Tuesday – Factoring Quadratics practice
Wednesday – Factoring Quadratics using all methods review for Quiz
Thursday – Quiz
Friday – Using Factoring to graph Quadratic functions

Foundations of Algebra
Monday – Customary Conversions and Dimensional Analysis
Tuesday – Dimensional Analysis Extension and Review
Wednesday – Combining Radicals Review
Thursday – Quiz
Friday – Combining Expressions

Week of October 3rd

Welcome Back!!!!!
Algebra I
Monday – Graphing Systems and Inequalities Review
Tuesday- Function Characteristics and Rate of Change
Wednesday – Unit 2 Review
Thursday – Unit 2 Review
Friday – Unit 2 Assessment

Foundations of Algebra
Monday – Prime Factorization and Simplifying Radicals
Tuesday- Combining Radicals
Wednesday – Unit 2 Review
Thursday – Review
Friday – Weekly Quiz

Week of September 19th

Algebra I
Monday – Function Notation and Evaluating Functions
Tuesday – Combining Functions
Wednesday – Function Characteristics and Rate of Change
Thursday – Review
Friday – Quiz

Foundations of Algebra
Monday – Square and Cube Roots
Tuesday -Negative Exponent Review
Wednesday – Pythagorean Theorem
Thursday – Review
Friday – Quiz